"The view to the world through the eyes of a travelling soul"

Why the Misplaced American you ask???


Since 1998 I have chosen to reside in Europe, moving from Cologne, Germany to England in 2003.

Work has required my wife (English) and I to live in several places across the UK from the east of the Pennines to the far west in Cardiff, Wales. None the less, we are always happier when in the triangle between Cambridge, Oxford and London (which is where we currently reside). Work still has me travel quite a bit (Iím out of the country 3 days a week on average), but under the Happy Wife, Happy Life rulebook, we try to keep our home in roughly the same place (this must be just in case I gain the skills of a homing pigeon).

While I was born, and raised an American (from a family based on homesteading in the mid-west), due to a serendipitous decision I made in my early 20s (following my heart), I woke up one day and found that I had moved the Europe (my first real tourist experiences didnít happen until after the move). I was lucky enough to find I had a passion for travel (but not a skill for linguistics) and I have created and based my career around helping large multinational businesses to give me the opportunity to experience new countries and cultures.

Since that time, I have come to accept that there isnít a perfect country. The age-old saying is correct, ďwhere you lay your hat, is your homeĒ. I believe that the world revolves around the sun regardless of whether we get along or not, but it does tend to make it easier on us if we do. Most countries that I have visited and lived in, over 50 (I would guess) offer basically the same things with a few little twists here and there (mainly changes in the food). That is to say, I havenít found many countries where the people donít appreciate the same things in life, a safe roof over their heads, sufficient food on the table and the ability to spend precious time with their friends and families.

The troubles seem to rise when we pass judgements without trying to understand.


Misplacedamerican was how I signed my letters and emails (yes, we used to send more letters back then) when I moved to Europe, and occasionally describes how I feel.


After all the years I have been gone, I now associate myself as more of a global citizen (misplaced global doesnít make any sense). I would rather think global and find ways to help the wider community than placing myself and my local neighbours on some pedestal, aligning myself to one country and shunning the rest. We all have to share this place and we are only on it for a blink of an eye, we might as well help one another and enjoy the ride.

The clock seems to just zoom by and it would seem there just isn't enough time in ones life to see and experience the whole world


This site was designed to document the travels that have taken me across the globe, as well as offer some means for my family and friends to track me down.

Misplaced American is my first and only delve into the world of Web publishing, if you have comments or suggestions, want to offer information for other parts of the world, or just want to contemplate the meaning of life drop me a line: webrookie@misplacedamerican.com

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