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Ordering Groceries Online

Super handy when you refer to my second point and it also helps me stock up in case I donít have to actually leave the house for the next 10 years Ė I might be a tad over zealous when ordering online, but you canít knock me for not being prepared for when company comes


The Fact you donít need a car when living in the City

The Underground and trains get you anywhere you want, and if that isnít good enough the cabbies here go through some magical school prior to getting their license called ďthe knowledgeĒ and they are not kidding, those guys can get you ANYWHERE if it is even slightly close to London


Top Gear

This is one of the best and entertaining car reviews I have ever seen in any country, granted they are not big fans of the US cars but then again with the price of fuel in Europe; the cars I loved when I was home would require me to pawn off my first born before I could even fill the first tank


The Social Culture with work during the week

getting into social clicks in London is quite difficult during the weekend, but OI!!! People definitely like to go out for a good time during the week, I have to admit that I had to grow a hollow leg but rest assured I am representing our country well now


"When one is bored of London...he is bored of Life!"

Samuel Johnson's famous words are still true to this day, theatre, music, clubs, pubs, parks, museums, you name it, itís here


It rains so much it's like scuba diving when walking down the street

That isnít really true it doesnít actually rain here as often as I thought it was going to


Access to my US groceries

Many of the groceries and goodies I missed so bad before can be ordered online now a days, so not quite sure it has anything to do with Brittan but I do love the internet, THANK YOU GOOGLE




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