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Let's first cover the dictionary

If you haven't read Bill Bryson, I suggest you go buy "Notes from a small island" and "Mother Tongue"

It would be nice if we could all work on these things, it doesn't make us look like idiots quite as bad

  • Leicester – is pronounced “less-ter”
  • Gloucester – is pronounced “gloss-ter”
  • Pants refer to undergarments and can no longer be used to refer to any long legged slacks or jeans – just gets you a snicker
  • Suspenders are what hold up ladies stockings and not something men wear to keep their “slacks” held up in lieu of a belt


Britain is home to the binge drinker

Historically it was due to the bars closing quite early, however some bars don’t even have to close now, but that didn’t change the drinking culture, I think it may take a few generations before it does


Driving on the “other side” of the road

Would love to tell you that I have learned how to drive on the left but that wouldn’t be true, I have deals with my friends; when we are in a country that follows the same laws I learned in I drive, when I am here, I am perfectly happy being a passenger




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