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Customer Service

Have to admit it but even though it is 10 times better then Germany and at least a BILLION times better then France, I still miss the service in the US. Big tip for you here, tipping bar staff here is not exactly a custom yet, so a little tip goes a long way to improve the way you are treated in the bars. Downside is that it doesnít really make a difference until you make an appearance there a few times, but when they do start to recognize you, it actually competes with the way you are treated in a good bar in the US.


Can't get a girl to smile on the street to save your soul

Had a friend over from California and as I moved here from Germany where people really keep to their own, I hadnít really noticed that it is also very true here.


The dating culture can be associated with the Lotto

As women donít smile you have to walk up to complete strangers with no idea if they have a boyfriend/husband or interest and try to say hello to see what happens



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