Things I...



I am not kidding, OI!!! What I would give to be thanked for coming to a shop and asked to come again - Or pray tell ask for a refill in a restaurant without worrying that the person will come back with a knife to end my miserable insensitivity!


American Telivision

I know that is horrible thing to say, but ah! I miss the little things – Friends, Aly McBeal, Frasier, stupid B movies in the middle of the night, Cartoons on Saturday morning, etc…


The food - Its not that the German food is bad, quite contrary, however...

ARBY's Roast Beef Sandwiches!!!

Propper Mexican food or the ingredients to make it

Neighborhood BBQ's

Beef Jerky - too hard to get your hands on a smoker, and don't forget about the BBQ rules, I can't imagine what the neighbors would say to a smoker


The beach


Ok, I agree this is not US specific, but I lived in Huntington Beach, California prior to this!!!


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