Things I...


The greenness

It's everywhere, completely indescribable


The history Everywhere you look

Cobblestone streets
Roman ruins


However anal they can be, they are Extremely forgiving of the fact that Americans are HORRIBLE at speaking other languages and will make an attempt to speak with you using hands and feet if necessary. – Try pulling that off in the States!

Lack of Bigotry (of course there are some trouble makers, however on the whole peopleare not judged by the color of their skin)

Will give you their first born if you are in need and you are a friend

When you have a friend they are a friend for life and you can rely on them


The Autobahn

I tell ya the first time I passed a police officer at 100+ MPH, I thought my stomach was going to completely pop out of my head


The Vacation Time

Currently sitting on 29 days a year plus more public holidays than I know what to do with




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