Things I...



Aw Christ there is NO SUCH THING IN EUROPE, if you need good service; don’t even think of stopping here!!!



Its like the land of the incompetent Spock, if you don’t make it the first time bang your head on the wall until it falls down or your dead – vs, see if there is another way

Followed by a puzzled expression – but that’s how its done!?!



This is the land of please go to the next door, and don’t forget to pull a number – please see spiel on Service!


Rules and regulations


Well if you don't mind giving your neighbors 24 hours notice and legally only allowed to have one 3 times a year, then you won't have an issue


Really handy if you are a parapalegic with a hang over, if your neighbors hear you even if it is in your own house you are busted... Sunday is the day of rest that means NO NOISE

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